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All i need is love and affection future I Am Ready Adult Dating

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All i need is love and affection future

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It's recently come to light that Future and Ciara are dating. This is amazing for roughly 37, reasons. In honor of Future and Ciara's love, here are the thirteen most romantic Future songs of all time.

Future might be one of the most romantic dudes of all time. She makes me happy.

I make her smile. This song, which appeared on Rihanna's recent Unapologeticis so good that it nearly erases the whole Rihanna Plane fiasco from the popular memory. It might be Future's finest moment as a songwriter, as he robo-coos that ie needs love eeeeee and affection.

All i need is love and affection future I Am Want Sexy Dating

This is Future as a wounded, lovesick Tauntaun. Future Hendrix goes in about his ideal ride-or-die chick, and then AAll Catour shows up to explain All i need is love and affection future she, in fact, is that ride or die chick.

The details Future puts in his songs are always amazing, such as when he asks if his girl would kiss his body even if he was nfed sweaty. The original version of this song goes too, but when you get one of Destiny's Children involved, that's when you know you're getting a feelingscore banger.

Speak of the devil. As Meaghan Garvey pointed outthe Think like a Man soundtrack had some bangers on it, including this one. Future provides an origin story of sorts for his style, explaining that he's so into his girl that he has to sing because rapping is too crude. affectiom

Not many romantic songs start with a gunshot, but then again Future is no ordinary romantic. More Future Paddington. Bonus points go to the Milf personals in Christmas FL that Future's drinking lean on the street in this video, which is probably illegal. This is Al like half a Future song about how Future is awesome and half a Future song about how he's in love with a girl, so it still counts.

Ways To Make A Girl Kiss You

College girl? And you sweet, too? Rozay and Future Hendrix's ode to being the dude on the side, because sometimes that's all you're looking for and there's nothing wrong with.

Even way back on his mixtape, Future was still looking out for the ladies. Their brands match.

The Thirteen Most Romantic Future Songs of All Time - VICE

Their eyes lock. Love ensues. The great thing is Future turned on the lights and found Ciara, which means true love is possible for us all.

Drew Millard wants to tell the world about you just so they can get jealous.

Love affection future video

He's on Twitter - drewmillard. This story is over 5 years old. In celebration of Future and Ciara's newfound romance, here are all of the best Future songs about love eeeeee.

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