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Ready Sex Contacts How do you know if coke is good

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How do you know if coke is good

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Thread Title Search. Judge Mental. Member Since: I try some at work about x month wth my co-workers.

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I noticed it doesn't do a ton more than make me feel jittery and sometimes a bit of energy. The guy says it's all "tops". A couple questions for experienced guys on this: I noticed it's yoi a fine powder. It always seems to be a little chunky and almost damp. He says it stays that way because he shaves it all off of big rocks.

No clue. I don't honestly feel like it's that much of a high.

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My nose and mouth area does go super numb when I run a dab on gums and nose goes numb inow using it. How to tell if it's good? Lux Fixxins.

Lol doing coke. Lol doing it at work. Ops yay be J Macc If it's pure you'll have to shit and won't be able to maintain an erection. Most over rated drug in the world vo cares about good stuff.

KickassMcrad - If it's pure you'll have to shit and won't be able to maintain an erection. I def can't get a boner after using it. it spits and bubbles like a volcano it is baking soda, . yeah. you'd be able to tell it was good coke just opening up the bag. coke is almost. Feb 24, I hear if u put a dab on ur lip it will go numb, is this true? (I am not doing coke, but don't want a friend to get ripped off) how do i know if weed is good or not ยท toke on kush, May 22, , in forum: Marijuana Consumption Q&A. I can tell you a few things though that i know, if the cocaine burns when snorting that is a real obvious sign that it is probably shit coke. Good.

What do you do for work, OP? MayorPirkle - What do you do for work, OP?

How do you know if coke is good

Betting on cop. Old OP thread: I grow Cannabis Professionally. Ask me.

Mr Spliff. Ya, I think you gotta do a lot A bonghit for sure gets me more fucked up at least consciously than a line. Don't talk about doing coke on.

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All these dorks will harass you. If it's damp it's been rerocked. They take the coke mix it with a cutting agent and what they are using for additional weight.

Mix it, press it, and let it dry. If it's damp it's from the center of the compact or it didn't sit long.

How do you know if coke is good I Am Wanting Sexy Meet

The problem with damp coke is its more of a challenge to get it back to powder. The more powder you can get the less you need to. The powder spreads and is absorbed better than the clumps. Although goor your out you can occasionally get a little nugget or two Backpage king of prussia was stuck to some nose hairs.

It's been about 6 years since I've done a line. I do not miss that shit. Once shaved it's super fluffy. Random Moniker. Lux Fixxins - Lol doing coke.

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Ops yay be 19 Yep, because as we all know, boardrooms and executive bathrooms are total coke-free-zones. If its good you will know its good trust me.

And damp doesn't sound good at all. Maybe it's good that you don't think that it's that good. You might end up like this dude: I'm no cancer-ridden cike teacher, but Ive heard that pure cocaine constipates you, which is why they cut it with laxative. The more it makes you shit, the less pure it is.

Have I been misled? Any OG dealers care gou weigh in? I have heard that you have to shit because it's cut with baby laxative. You must be logged in to post.

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