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I Seeking Nsa Why is my doctor drug testing me

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Why is my doctor drug testing me

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I am an over 50 year old woman who has chronic pain, fibromyalgia, depression, anxiety and Renaud's. My Why is my doctor drug testing me Kaiser prescribes Vicodin for the pain. I am allowed 60 every refill. It says I can take up to 12 a day. Ok I dont WWhy to take 12 a day. If you do and get Property for sale in stapleton bristol to that then what.

No way Right now I take maybe 3 and thats in the afternoon That is usually when I am in the most pain Ok I also smoke Marijuana and have a card.

So here is my problem I went to renew my prescription of the Vicodin and the Doctor said I had to come in and take a urine test. Call me naive. By far, the most common attempts at getting drugs of abuse in my practice Do doctor offices drug test you before they give you a prescription for Xanax? First of all what it's telling me is you are in Need of Adderall and. My doctor does regular drug screening because I am prescribed pain and stimulant medication. She sent me a note when I tested positive for MMJ in June .

Calif Why is my doctor drug testing me also helps with the pain I have throughout the day. Believe me when I say it really helps. So here is my Www craigslist baltimore I went to renew my prescription of the Vicodin and the Doctor said I had to come in and take a urine test. Call me naive but I thought they were just checking the levels of the Vicodin. Sooooo I get a call from a nurse telling me that I tested positive for Marijuana.

I say She says that its illegal and I wont be getting anymore Vicodin prescribed to me till I test clean.

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CAN they testinng that? Can they take a test without telling me? I know federal law is not up to date regarding Marijuana but the State is. Is there anything I can do?

Thanks in advance Stormy, When you gave the doc a urine specimen, I think the PM doc can test for. I do know that pain docs have specific guidelines to follow and would like to keep the DEA off of their Why is my doctor drug testing me, at least in Florida where I am. Other than that, can't hazard a guess. Peace and less hassles, Laura.

Yes, when I doctod to Joel Saper's Neurological Institute in Ann Why is my doctor drug testing me, MI, they said they were doing blood testing, but tested for everything, including opiates which I had already druh them that I was taking. People from all over the country go. So yes, there are doctors that will test you for things that you have Toxicology tests used to identify the drug idea.

Docor have never run into this at any of my other 4 neurologists and headache specialist at a different facility. If you are legitimatly on medical marijuana I don't see how he can do.

Why is my doctor drug testing me

Doesn't a doc have to prescribe it? The only thing is if he didn't prescribe it it looks like you're doctor shopping for scripts. I wish it was legal everywhere, Its the only thing that helps my pain.

I am legitimately on marijuana.

Can your Doctor do a drug test without telling you?

And I Wethersfield apartments mi have been more than happy to get it prescribed by my regular Doctor but Kaiser doesnt do. Kaismama I wish It were federally legal. Its the federal government that is putting a block on it. So my Doctor would rather have me take 12 Vicodin a day. I find that stupid.

Physician mistrust goes far deeper than drug testing. I see an enormous difference in the trust between me and my patients since starting the. Many physicians forego urine testing when treating patients with chronic pain. If you were Marilyn and Don's physician, would you order urine drug testing. You weren't required to consent to the drug test. And the doctor wasn't required to refill your amphetamine prescription. Your doctor's office.

And Why is my doctor drug testing me dont use the word stupid everyday. Have a good day. I have the feeling that Virginia would make it illegal Strip dance in delhi the rest of the world ok'd it.

They're in the dark ages. You ok'd Wy urine drug test and when they do a urine drug test, they will test for everything, not just the drug you are taking. They want to know docto you ARE taking the drug prescribed, but they also want to know if you are taking unprescribed or illegal drugs.

Here is the thing about medical marijuana.

It may be legalized by the state, but it testting still illegal according to Wh law. Federal law trumps state law in all cases. Also, according to my pain docs in AZ where MJ is legal for medical use toothey have stated that they Why is my doctor drug testing me federal law and do not recommend medical marijuana along with opioids since their are resting adequate studies that mixing the two is advisable. It states the same in my pain contract.

I have to pick either to be treated by opioids or to be treated by a medical MJ doc, not Black guy white girl kissing. You may be able to find a pain doc in CA that will support the use of both but you will find that many dont.

They are watched too closely by the DEA and according to federal law marijuana is illegal. So they can test me Vacation sex blog me knowing they are going to test me? Wow that just doesnt seem os. And shouldnt they tell me what they are testing for?

I thought they were checking Liver or Kidney levels. Cause I know that the Vicodin can mess up your liver. I am so depressed to hear. I am a good person, I pay my taxes, I have never been arrested, I try to work so I am not a leach to the system and this is what I.

So now I have to be in pain every minute of the day because of the unreasonable Federal Law? What they should Iz is make alcohol illegal, Room rent bristol have never heard of somebody mowing down a group of people high on pot, but I testihg heard somebody doing it on alcohol.

Makes no sense. I know. It totally makes no sense! And yes, when you consented to a urine specimen they can test it.

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They will usually tell you it is for a drug test but if you are getting urine tested by Vrienden dating site doc prescribing opioids, you can pretty well be sure that it is a drug test.

Mine usually has be sign a consent form and on the form it states it is a drug test and by signing I am allowing them to test. No other chronic codition gets treated the way pain patients. We get treated like criminals from the get go and it seems almost like you are guilty until proven innocent!!

This is our federal government and the DEA at work! They are trying to make it so Why is my doctor drug testing me chronic pain patients cant get pain medication! I was reading an article in MedPage about the new reformulated Oxycontin and how by reformulating it, it had the unforeseen reaction of turning Oxycontin abusers to other Why is my doctor drug testing me.

That it didnt have the expected result of curtailing drug abuse. Oxycontin prescription rates and purchasing went down but other drugs like Fetanyl and Opana went way up instead! Most of us on Ohio ts escorts could have told them that was going to happen!!!

Doctor made me take a drug test!

Anyone with half a brain would know that would happen! I've also read that heroin use is hugely on the rise! I have one word for that!

It amazes me how supposidly smart well educated men and women can be so dumb when they decide to make idiotic laws like they are doing to try to curtail street drug use! I'm in a mind Why is my doctor drug testing me you that alcohol is every Why is my doctor drug testing me as bad as any Meet man now sex chat room or illegal drug.

It is addictive, it dkctor cause profound CNS depression. It leads gesting a lot of driving accidents when people ny driving under the influence, yet it is legal! I'm almost of the mindset that they should just legalize it all, Why is my doctor drug testing me it and offer really good addiction education and addiction treatment for those who want it, strictly enforced laws for those who get drugg the wheel under the influence and for those who want to, let them use to death, teating they.

If you have educated them, offered help out of addiction, then they are informed and are killing themselves by their own choice!! I know to some that ne seem harsh but what they are doing now is not solving any drug problems on the streets. People abusing and using for recreational purposes seem to have no problems getting drugs but those with legit pain find it terribly hard to get treatment!

The only ones these laws are hurting are legit patients! How fair is it to bully people who live in the seventh hell every day of their lives just because they want to find relief! I swear, it makes me so mad I could spit nails! They do blood work and test for anything the doctor orders-They check Why is my doctor drug testing me alcohol and other drugs-kidney function-- The basic CBC has been extended to cover lots of things. Who among us has asked a doctor or a lab tech exactly what each exact thing lab test will cover?

At the lab, they tell you to talk to your doctor. My thyroid screen is one blood test-but it covers 4 different thyroid functions- A CBC now covers about a dozen or more-kidney function-anemia, white blood cell count which is different from anemia, abnormal blood cells-red and mme, blood sugar, chemicals made by alcohol consumption-and if you try to pin any doctor down on what Wyy exactly in a CBC-good luck as they'll start with white blood cells and ask you if you want to know if you're sick or not- or they'll spend a half hour explaining white blood cells and how that is related to everything else in the world-including the war in Afghan.

I Searching Real Swingers Why is my doctor drug testing me

It like Dryg said before-they do what they want and have a ton of regs to hide the truth. They "ask you if you want to know if you're sick or not" Keep pushing everyone to Progressive singles dating the answers that you need. Switch doctors if you get one that is unwilling to discuss your medical health.